“Early Explorers” Toddler Group

Some of the exciting activities available in our Toddler group “Early Explorers”.

First, an excellent bonding activity, baby massage with mum.






Painting for the older ones! What colours would you like to use?

Followed by movement and exercise.

Up we go! 

and …………music

Finally, out comes the ………………..parachute!

We love the parachute !                               

Come and join us this week!  Every Tuesday from 9:15 to 10:15 am.

Reception B – “The Gruffalo” writing and pictures

“The Gruffalo” is a wonderful story that we in Reception B have really enjoyed.

It has really captured our imagination and we have developed a wide range of descriptive vocabulary.

How would you describe the Gruffalo? Look at the words we have used……….purple prickles, orange eyes, black tongue.

…and what about the mouse?

We have done some amazing writing, we have used a range of vocabulary and we were able to write our own words and sentences using our knowledge of letter sounds.

 Look at our fantastic display!

We are so proud of our work!

Here is the  video we made about the Gruffalo. It was so much fun!

Pre 2 Little Bears – Dinosaur Dinner – Do you like biscuits…………..?

Continuing with the story “Dinosaur Dinner”, we decorated some dinosaur-shaped biscuits  with icing sugar and sprinkles.

First, we mixed the icing sugar with water and observed it changing from a powder to a liquid. That’s science!














After mixing it, we spread the icing sugar on our biscuits with a small spoon. It took a lot of skill to spread it, as it is quite sticky!! Look at the concentration!Finally, we decorated our biscuits with coloured sprinkles.






And what do you think we did next…………? All gone!

Reception A – Yoga and Mindfulness

In Reception A we have been promoting mindfulness and how we look after ourselves in body and mind!

We have been looking at yoga postures and mindfulness exercises to make our classroom a calmer place. Here are just some of the postures that you can try!

The snake                                                                                                            The whale







                                                                                                                                              The hedgehog




                                                                       The boat with a partner       



The owl




We wrote about all the animals and we made butterflies too!

In this video we tell an African Adventure Story using yoga positions.


We live in a busy world and are in a rush, just to get through the day. Mindfulness is about staying connected to the present moment. It teaches us to cope with new challenges and helps us look at ways to reach our goals. 

Another yoga video to practice your moves……….

Relax, be focused, be happy!

Nursery: Suzuki Music

Every week, the Nursery children enjoy their music class, playing musical instruments and dancing with the specialist Suzuki music teacher.

And the band goes marching on………………


Our Early Years Department at Elian’s British School is holding an Open Day on Wednesday 4th March from 14:15 to 16:00. 

We extend a very special and personal invitation to you from the children and staff in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Enjoy watching your invitation to come and join us and see our school for yourselves.


We look forward to meeting you!

“Early Explorers” Toddler group – 2nd session

The babies and toddlers had another fantastic music session with our specialist! Also, the mums and babies had a baby massage session and enjoyed a chat about their little ones.

As well as listening to stories in English and joining in with actions in songs, the toddlers enjoyed exploring the environment and discovering the light sensory toys.

After the welcome chant, the BIG parachute came out! WOW! 

You can see how much everyone loved this from their expressions — including the babies!

It’s all part of the FUN!

Come and join us next week!  Every Tuesday from 9:15 to 10:15 am.


First session: Early Explorers Toddler Group – Elian’s British School

Our “EARLY EXPLORERS” got off to a flying start………………….literally!

We had a wonderful time playing in the home corner; exploring technological toys; singing and listening to stories! All in English.

Our specialist music activity was a hit! The music teacher did activities for the babies and toddlers to join in, along with their parents.

Singing a special “Hello” song and exploring music with body movements.






Playing musical instruments with Mum……………


and Dad…………




and singing “Incey Wincey Spider”, while keeping him on the parachute.

And finally, look at these four little cuties, who can’t wait to come back!!!!Look forward to seeing you all next week!

Tuesdays 9:15am -10:15am

e mail sue.boyall@iepgroup.es

Nursery – Humpty Dumpty (Part 2)

The continuing saga of Humpy Dumpty…………………………

Humpy Dumpty sat on a wall……

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall….

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men….  Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

 Do you remember us cutting and sticking Humpty in our last blog?

Do you also remember how we drew Humpty Dumpty?

These are our beautiful pieces of work!

Fantastic work Nursery!

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